What do you see here?

What do you see here?

As I prepare to head to the lovely suburb of Malvern in Philadelphia to work on our due diligence activities for the (second of 2017!) acquisition of Araloc – I have been asked a few times – “what do you see here”?

When we went through the process of preparing and shooting the IR video with Redchip in April, speaking with investors, customers and incoming staff candidates – I was reminded again that even with all the fancy cyber tools, response systems and other shiny tech objects – it’s really actually about the Data.  Intellectual Capital, Sensitive Data, the crown jewels – whatever you call it – the primary mission for any security tool is to protect that data.

When we first started speaking to the team @ Araloc – I was struck about just how up to date the architecture, operating design and cryptology inherit within the system was.  Indeed, when I started ClassiDocs – Data Classification is the initial step into understanding what your data is – it’s a foundation principal.  Once you know what your data is, and where it is – you can better apply other security products, policies and other protective mechanisms to it – whether it be a DLP product, a data storage tool or a cloud drive.


(hint, Google : Data classification, Data Tagging – and you will see just about every major software vendor engaging in this space to augment their product stack – you can’t do much without it – for example: http://www.globes.co.il/en/article-microsoft-set-to-buy-israeli-co-secure-islands-for-150m-1001075232 http://tech.eu/brief/watchful-software-symantec/ https://www.varonis.com/solutions/data-classification/ https://www.sailpoint.com/news/sailpoint-to-acquire-whitebox-security-to-secure-and-manage-unstructured-da/



The Araloc product represents the next step of the data security approach – protection & control.  It enables an organization to not just store it securely, but more importantly – control its distribution, access, permissions and what/who/where can someone do with that data.


No Printing Allowed? – No problem.

Employee was offboarded last night? – Disable.  (or better yet, stich it with your IAM product via RESTFul API’s)

Want to share extremely sensitive data with non-company folks (like a Board of Directors)? – install the app.

Want to ask all your new employees that joined for the holiday season to sign off on a HR doc? – submit and click it.

Need this highly encrypted, controlled and managed ecosystem for data (files, video, forms) on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone? Check


There are over 100 use cases in my head that the Araloc technology stack enables – and the key to enabling those is a well documented, battle tested and industry utilized solution that has both customers and ‘time’ behind it.


Araloc fits those requirements completely for our customers and the industry in general – and we are very excited moving forward with this opportunity.


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