Thanks for the Follow – we won’t return the favor.

Thanks for the Follow – we won’t return the favor.

As anyone in product management will attest to – you tend to follow the news of your competitors. I come across my information via public means mind you, but I do read what Google Alerts tells me.

I was rightly surprised (but inside delighted) to see that in April 2017 Varonis Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:VRNS) initiated an app in conjunction with the great ecosystem provided by Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK).

As I have been within corporate security and their related ecosystems for many years – I never understood why those same ‘security vendors’ didn’t integrate to the rest of the ecosystem. In my opinion, if you are not helping the CISO, CIO, CTO ‘sweat their existing assets’ more and more – you are just yet another bolt on solution that does little other than perhaps deliver on your functionality and create yet another stove pipe silo of information.

That’s why when I started ClassiDocs in 2016 we purpose-built the integration for ANY SIEM to consume our data feeds on a live and ongoing basis – the information is just that valuable to IT and orchestration systems. Indeed, I couldn’t see building anything today that didn’t tie into other (de facto) standards that every customer would have – it really would be negligent as a product in my opinion.

So, I welcome this and other players to the current generation of Security Operations – exposing the largest set of information risks a business has (unstructured datasets) to the platforms that can directly respond and otherwise action the problem – SIEMs in general – IBM, HP, Splunk, AlienVault and others.

I just wonder who will be next to add ransomware detection alerting to SIEM platforms, or governance exceptions to orchestration platforms directly, or structured data classifications, or data at rest performance calculations, or dynamic classifications based on artificial intelligence and end user feedback/training. We’ve been doing all of that and more – since day one.


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