ISO 12931 Brand Protection

Mitigate Risk & Protect Your Brand

ISO 12931 Brand Protection Compliance
The Standard

This new ISO Guideline for Brand Protection (BP) is the “only” benchmark globally to properly address the process, implementation and best practices in formulating the best solutions to protect your product and your brand.

How will ISO 12931 Training and Audit Benefit your Organization
  • ISO 12931Your team will have the framework, specific to your exact needs to identify current and future BP issues to qualify and quantify the solution, strategies and BP technology elements needed to avoid “technology trial and error”.
  • Your Brand Protection team will immediately have the ability to create a functional Return on Investment (ROI) for protecting your company’s IP and product as it relates to counterfeit, fraud, and diversion.
  • Enhance your “preferred” client status as an ISO 12931 compliant company.
  • Since the use of a BP element (technology) is critical to its effectiveness, your team will now be able to evaluate the decisions based on fact-not conjecture, vendor pitches or hype.
The Cost-Benefit of our “All in One” Solution

Within 48 hours of our on-site or virtual ISO package, you and your team will have:

  • Your company’s BP audit to immediately act on our findings regarding risk mitigation steps.
  • The ISO 12931 training to facilitate future strategies for success in protecting your Brand
  • ROI Effectiveness Assessment-You will have the means to evaluate that a solution is complying with the established specifications and how the solution is providing a measurable result
What We Do for You and your Team

We work with your team to create your Risk Assessment Model to expose and mitigate potential risks. By the end of audit and training you will armed to address the following concerns:

  • What are the counterfeiting issues, the consequences and likelihood of the counterfeiting threat?
  • Which of my material goods are being counterfeited or have the potential to be counterfeited?
  • In which locations are we experiencing counterfeiting?
  • How are the counterfeits being distributed?
  • What is the extent of the risk?
  • What may be the possible modes of attack?
  • Which areas that require protection?
  • What are the “potential” consequences?
  • More importantly, what are the most accurate estimates of potential losses?
  • We have the Skills, training and experience to achieve results immediately

ISO 12931 “Risk Assessment Strategy Session”

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