IP Risk Controls’ ClassiDocs Releases Encrypted File Detection Functionality

IP Risk Controls’ ClassiDocs Releases Encrypted File Detection Functionality

SALT LAKE CITY, June 20, 2017

ClassiDocs unveiled new functionality that enables any organization to be notified when a portion of their files have become encrypted – usually a harbinger to a Malware or Ransomware infection. With continued proliferation of ransomware infections and their mutations by hackers and some nation-states – the risk of a ransomware infection getting past normal defenses continues to grow.

“Many of our customers and partners are looking past the ‘prevention’ boundary and are focusing on the ‘response’ side. Response is critical in any cyber-security program and having these being automated – but guided by data intelligence is significant. “, stated IP Risk Control (OTCPNK: APHD) President Jason Remillard.  “While front line defensed will always be important, how you respond to actual events ranks very highly in mitigating risk, costs and ultimately – the damage done.”

The newest functionality leverages the existing distributed agent real estate to monitor file activity – not just reads and writes, but what is in them and how they are classified. If a certain percentage of them are detected to be encrypted – the administrator can automatically run processes that are appropriate. In most cases, this would mean immediately disconnecting and shutting down the machine, locking out the user in question and sending alerts to the cyber security operations center. Administrators can control the sequence of events and orchestrations in response to the encryption (or ransomware) condition.

ClassiDocs is a leading Data Classification platform that enables End Users and Data Stewards to actively participate in the process of classifying data sets (structured and unstructured) – in a user-friendly, efficient and quick process that generally requires little to no end user training or education.  The entire solution is quick to deliver value for the organization – with average installation and configuration times to be less than 1 hour from installation to time to value.

“By enabling the business to make IT decisions based on a potentially hostile action – such as a mass encryption of files – ClassiDocs brings actual data intelligence to the IT and governance teams. In the case of a WannaCry or other related attacks, the ultimate impact of the damage done can be greatly reduced”, continues Remillard.

The ability to classify data sets in myriad platforms – with an accurate and up-to-date classification system – is integral for any organization (health care, financial services, manufacturing, government) with private, customer, or financial information to protect. ClassiDocs represents a departure from the regular approaches – with its focus on end-user adoption, simple and rapidly deployable architecture, and native integrations with leading SIEM, EndPoint Security and Governance and Compliance toolsets.

ClassiDocs was acquired by Appiphany Technology Holdings Corp. in April 2017.

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