Continued investment and consolidation in the Classification space

Continued investment and consolidation in the Classification space

Another day, another acquisition. This time it is Symantec getting further into this marketplace.

Although Symantec has had ‘Data Classification’ (called tagging primarily) in their DLP product, it seems they are getting deeper into the space. As reported by several news outlets – – the Portugal-based firm Watchful Software was acquired by Symantec corp in June 2017.

One would assume that Symantec would use this to bolster its existing ‘tagging’ solution in its DLP product, but as with these things – everyone will have to wait and see what the end result looks like.

This reinforces our strategy and approach to the market for our Data Classification and Governance solutions. Data Classification is important, the foundation of any reasonable security strategy, and is a core function of any product stack. We add onto that value statement with a rapid time to value product, that is focussed on high end user adoption and next generation functionality such as guided learning and automatic re-classification.

Congrats on the exit to the Watchful Software team!

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