ClassiDocs is the leading user-centric Data Classification and Governance product in the marketplace.

Data Classification & Governance is a key foundation technology and approach that is fundamental to any enterprises’ security program.  ClassiDocs was developed specifically to rapidly communicate to data stewards ‘what data is where’ – in a fast to deploy, easy to understand approach.

The ability to classify data sets in myriad platforms – with an accurate and up to date classification system – is integral for any organization (Health Care, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Government) with private, customer or financial information to protect.  ClassiDocs represents a departure from the regular approaches – with its focus on end-user adoption, simple and rapidly deployable architecture and native integrations with leading SIEM, EndPoint Security and Governance and Compliance toolsets.

It was acquired in April 2017 and continues to be developed and integrated to different platforms as a foundation Data Classification product and facilitates Data Governance with integrated security operations product sets.

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